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Time for Your 2018 Spring Roof Inspection

In the spring, getting your rooftop inspected for damage is extremely important. Failing to check over the roof of a home for areas in need of repair can lead to further damage, which often leads to more cost in the long run. Here are three routine maintenance steps to do in the springtime to keep a roof in the best of shape.

An Assessment of Shingles And Underlying Materials

Call a roofing service to do an inspection of the shingles on the roof after winter has passed. Snow and ice tend to wear shingles, possibly leading to moisture problems inside of the home. A roofing service will check over all shingles for damage and will replace them with new ones if needed. They will also handle the replacement of cracked caulk, rusted flashing, and bent nails.

An Inspection and Cleaning Of The Gutter System

If a gutter system is not cleaned out on a regular basis, water will not be diverted away from the home. Any shingles in the near proximity of the gutters will then be at risk for becoming saturated from excessive water build-up. Scoop material from the gutters every few months so these shingles will remain dry and intact. A roofing service can help with gutter clean outs if needed.

Cleaning of The Roof And Care With Nearby Trees

Take the time to clean the roof after a storm passes through, as high winds tend to cause leaves, dirt, and twigs to land on shingles. Leaving these in place leads to the possibility of moisture accumulation on a roof. This, in turn, leads to deterioration of shingles. A roofing service will remove excessive debris if needed. In addition to cleaning your rooftop when needed, make it a priority to cut back tree limbs so they do not hang over your home.