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5 Reasons Why Idahoans Should Have a Roof Inspection Every 2 Years

The climate of Idaho varies greatly depending on the time of year. It can receive blistering days of sun in the summer while being blanketed under a great deal of snow in the winter. These weather patterns, among many other factors, are exactly why Idahoans should have their roofs inspected once every two years at minimum. This is why we have compiled a list for you about the top five reasons you should have your roof inspected once every two years. They are as follows:

To Avoid Any Unexpected Expenses

Replacing a roof is expensive. By having a regular inspection performed, you can help prolong the life of a roof which saves you money over time. You can also know well-in- advance when your roof will need to be replaced so that you can begin to save for it.

Clearing of Debris

This can become especially dangerous if you live in an area that has a high density of trees. Limbs and leaves can accumulate on your roof which not only pose a threat to the integrity of the roof but can also make it more susceptible to wind damage.

Extreme Weather

Areas such as Idaho that are subject to extreme swings in temperature as well as other severe weather events like heavy snow and hail are much more likely to see roofs decline in quality faster than more consistent climates.

Increases Safety

By having an inspection completed every two years, you can ensure that your home is structurally sound. This allows you to periodically rule out the possibility of things like termite damage, and roof collapses that can pose a serious risk.

Early Leak Detection

The best time to stop a leak is before it even starts. Regular inspections can reveal weak spots that can be reinforced before they become full blown leaks.