Chimney Repair in Boise

What You Need to Know About Chimney Repair:

A chimney is the part of a pipe that extends through the roof from the fireplace that conducts a place for smoke and gases to exit. The chimney is usually known to have grout or rock around it, but it can also just have a pipe around it known as a “chimney pipe”.

When a chimney leaks, there are various reasons why this could be happening to your roof. I know a lot of customers do not know whether to call a chimney repair man or a roofing repair man. Rooftops Energy Solutions will always come out and conduct a thorough inspection around your chimney to see if it is a roof failure or a chimney failure.

If it is a roof failure, most likely you are experiencing a flashing that has been compromised and is no longer doing its job. Most flashings can last a lifetime, but when too much pressure is put on the metal – it can fail. A chimney flashing is usually a piece of sheet metal used where a roof comes in contact with the chimney to prevent leakage. If the flashing has failed, Rooftops will come in and replace the flashing.

Sometimes, the chimney is leaking because the flashing was never installed. If this is the case, Rooftops will look at how much damage is done and propose that a flashing be installed. Very few times a cricket will need to be installed to ensure the water doesn’t go right into a dead valley hitting the chimney. A cricket on a roof is a structure designed to divert water on a roof around the high side of the chimney from one roof area to the other. The cricket is normally the same pitch of the roof. But, if the roof is a lower pitch, then the cricket can have a high pitch to divert the water in a more manageable way.

If you are experiencing chimney leaks, please call Rooftops Energy Solutions and do not wait. A chimney leak can cause grout damage, brick damage, and plywood damage over time – costing more funds than an original chimney repair can cost.