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We understand that having something wrong with your roof and searching for roof repair is one of the most stressful events for a homeowner to have. Here at Rooftops Energy Solutions in Boise, we offer free, easy inspections to help you understand what is going on.

Our Roof Repair Contractor Checklist

During the inspection here are the things we look more closely at and that can cause future leaks:

Around chimneys there is something called a flashing. A flashing is a sheet metal piece that ensures the area between the chimney and the roof is watertight. The chimney flashing will always expire over time. During our inspections we will look closer at your flashing and take pictures to show you what is going on and how we can better assist.

Chimney Repair

The eave of your roof is what the drip edge metal is connected to. It is at the edge of the roof and overhangs over the siding on your house. The eaves have some of the most weather stress on them. During ice dams, the ice creeps up behind the metal and starts putting pressure on the shingles of the eaves. We always inspect the eaves to ensure the shingles are well maintained and can handle future weather conditions.

Eaves Servicing

The valley of the roof is when two facets come together and make a literal valley in your roof. This is the hardest to apply for roofers because you are bringing two different facets together and tying them into each other. This also has a lot of stress on them because, when rain and snow hits the roof, it declines into the valleys due to the pitch and follows the valleys down the eaves. The valleys usually expires before the roofs do and, in turn, we spend an extra amount of time inspecting them for our customers.

Valley Repair

Pipe boots are another type of flashing that protects your roof from a leak around your plumbing exhausts. These are usually made out of rubber and, with decreasing and increasing temperatures over time, they start to crack. Once your pipe boot cracks, they are more in danger of leaking. The water will go through your cracked boots and through your exhaust pipe. Most inspectors will call this out in an inspection report and they will need to be replaced before selling or buying a home.

Pipe Boot Repair

Missing shingles can mean a few different things. Your roof might have wind damage. You can learn more about this on our wind damage page. If you are missing shingles, then it could also be be another indication that, when your roof was installed, the installers nailed down the shingles above the nail line. The shingles in return will fall apart easier and you will find them in your lawn and on your driveway. During our inspections we will take multiple pictures of your missing shingles and let you know at the end of the inspection if your roof is a good candidate to call your adjuster.

Missing Shingle Replacement

Skylights have the same issues that chimneys do. There is a sheet metal around every skylight that is called “flashing”. The flashing ensures the opening between the skylight and the roof is sealed and will not leak. The flashing will expire after time and will need to be replaced. Also, skylights leak due to the lid leaking. The glue around the lids will expire over time with weather damage and will also need to be replaced. If you have a skylight, make sure that you get it looked at once every few years to ensure you won’t have a leak and future drywall problems.

During our inspections, we always inspect every RV-38 box vent. Most roofs that are 5 years or older have plastic vents that need to be replaced. Plastic can not withstand the weather long-term. Every inspection will have a picture of the vents to make sure they are not cracked and can withstand the future.

A common problem on your roof is the point where the gutter on a single-story roof eave runs into a two-story wall. All roofing contractors often install step flashing that allows roof water to slip behind the gutter and get behind the siding. Like all flashing that has been mentioned; it has an expiration date and will need to be inspected. During a re-roof process, if the roof to wall metal does not need to be replaced, it will not be unless asked for at an extra cost.

An exposed nail head is exactly what it sounds like. This is where the caulking has fallen off the nails and is exposing the head of them. An exposed nail head is never good on a roof because it is a sign of the shingles lifting due the roof age or weather. This is a concern because once the shingles lift you will see more shingles disappearing off the roof.

Moss loves a damp, shady environment. This is why you will usually see the moss growing on the north side of your roof or under a large tree. Moss is never good for your roof because it will cause your roof to slowly degrade your shingles.

Drip edge metal is the metal around the edge/perimeter of your roof. D-metal keeps the water from running down the fascia, helps supports the shingles on the edges of the roof, and -if you have gutters- it will help direct the water into the gutters. If your d-metal is bent, then this roof accessory will not be able to do any of these jobs and you will see leaking through the fascia. If you are seeing this, please know that an inspection is needed.

Ice dams are essentially icicles at the edge of your roof. This happens when the top of your roof melts down the roof and freezes near the edge of your roof. You will notice an ice dam when you see icicles through the soffits, ice going from your gutters up the roof, and ice on the eaves. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your shingles. It also causes leaks through the walls into your house. Ice dams can also put so much pressure on your gutters that they will pull the gutters off your house and cause structural damage.