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How to know when your porch needs a new roof

Porch roofs don’t always deteriorate at the same rate as the rest of the house and regardless of the type of roof your porch has, it will likely need to be replaced during your lifetime. Composite and asphalt shingles, the most commonly used roofing material in the United States, typically need to be replaced every 15-to-30 years, depending on a number of different factors like location, weather, environment, and installation. Wood shingles last approximately the same amount of time, while rubber, metal and tile roofs can go up to 50-to-75 years without a replacement.

Watch for These Types of Porch Damage

If you think your porch roof might need to be replaced, there are a few things to watch out for.

Signs of Age

In the case of shingle (composite, asphalt, and wood) roofs, one of the earliest signs of damage is shingles with curling or cracking around the edges, a sign of age.

Environmental Damage

There may also be bald spots, worn spots, or off-color spots, caused by weather or other environmental damage.

Moisture Damage

Roofs are also susceptible to moss, mold, algae, and rust, all of which can do permanent damage to the material. If your roof is in a shaded area, it may be more susceptible to these problems.


In the case of tile roofs, the individual tiles are prone to breakage and may need to be repaired periodically.

Structural Damage

Look for areas where the porch roof is sagging, bowing, buckling, or leaking, especially near the junction with the rest of the home.

How to Catch Porch Roof Damage Early

One way to catch roof damage or decay early is to regularly (once or twice a year) photograph the roof to provide a frame of reference. This can help gauge the rate of damage and catch it early. Identifying roof damage early can mean the difference between a repair and full replacement.