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What to Look for In a Roof When Buying a New House

Just like other features, a roof is an essential part of a house. It could be arguable the most crucial element of a home since it displays the outer elegance and is key to protecting everything inside. When purchasing a new home, a buyer may underestimate the state of the roof. Nevertheless, it should be on the priority list of what to have inspected prior to accepting a contract to buy.

According to experts, a well installed and high-quality roof can last for a maximum of 30 years. However, this demands the homeowner to perform yearly inspections and to keep up with repairs when needed. Thus, it is crucial to perform a thorough roof assessment, before buying a home, with the help of an expert inspector.

Features to Observe on the Roof


As you shop for a new house, it is necessary that you inspect the roof to make sure the installment was done with care. Check if there are missing shingles, curled edges, moss or mold. If there is a problem with the installation, discuss it with your realtor.


The roofing ventilation system must be correctly installed. Poor roof ventilation can result in health ordeals and cause the roof to fail before it’s expected lifetime. Ensure that air can come in freely. Proper ventilation decreases the level of moisture thus cutting air conditioning costs.

Drainage System and Leaks

It is equally imperative to ensure gutters, drainage pipes, and downspouts have been correctly installed. Water leaks can destroy the appearance of your interiors as well as exteriors if not correctly installed.

To assure you are making a wise investment and to make sure the cost of roof repairs are not entirely out of your pocket as a home buyer, contact Rooftops Energy Solutions to perform a thorough roof inspection.