Will Homeowners Insurance Cover a New Roof?

First and foremost it is important to remember that depending on your insurance provider and the level of your plan, what your insurance will cover can differ. We aim to just give you a general overview of what homeowner insurance should cover, and if they do not, you may want to consider getting a different insurance provider.

To give a simple answer: partially. It is rare that an insurance company is going to cover your entire roof to the extent where you will not pay a dime. However, you should also not be paying the entire thing. Your homeowners insurance should cover a decent portion of your new roof. With that being said there is a good chance that in order to get your insurance to cover your roof you will need to use one of their approved roofers.

If your homeowners insurance will not help you replace your roof or help cover the cost of anything, then it may be time to get a new insurance company. Otherwise you want to look into what they are actually covering or willing to help you with.

Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

Dealing with insurance can be difficult and frustrating. Especially when there is damage to your roof and you need it fixed quickly. The claims process will most likely start with you reaching out to your insurance company and informing them of the damage and most importantly what caused it. Insurance tends to only cover roof damage that was caused by natural events. This could be a hail storm for instance.

Your insurance will most likely give you a list of one or more roofing contractors that they work with. That is generally what is seen with home insurance companies. This roofing company will be able to help you with your roofing claim, so you should be able to just focus on scheduling your roof repair.

This is a constantly changing process due to the insurance adjuster. Ultimately you should have a roofing company that is able to work with your insurance, so you don’t have to.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Finding a roof leak can be scary because you do not know all the water damage that may be hiding in your home. That is why is it important to have a roofing company that can find and identify all the damage that may be caused for you, so that you can fix it before mold starts to grow.

There are a couple things that will matter with getting your water damaged covered by insurance. The good thing is most insurance companies do covered peril which includes fire and water damage. There are not many things that this would specifically exclude. Overall, yes, your homeowners insurance should cover roof leaks.

Something to keep in mind is that certain types of roofs can be more prone to getting leaks. This may be something that you want to consider when it is time for your to get a new roof.

How To Find a Good Roofing Company

Finding a good roofing company can actually be quite difficult. This is because you have to find a roofing company that is able to talk to and deal with your insurance. You also need a company that is going to do good work, and potentially offer you a warranty.

We happen to know a very good roofing company in the treasure valley and certain spots of Idaho. It is Rooftop Energy Solutions. They do free inspections, offer 0% interest financing, and are especially good at dealing with insurance companies to make sure you get the most covered out of your plan. You can call and set up an appointment with them today!