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The Value Of A Reliable Roof

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Having a solid roof over your head is something many of us take for granted. Only when there’s a problem with the roof we realize what an important feature it is. Below are several reasons why having a reliable roof is absolutely essential for your home. For Boise area residents, the roof of your home is very valuable. With a properly installed roof

on your home, you are now protected from rising insurance costs, it defends against damage to your home and increases the aesthetics of the street view.


This is probably the most obvious point, but having a high-quality roof is as important as your home’s foundation. You wouldn’t settle for a poor foundation, so why would you settle for a cheap roof? A poor roof will spring more leaks and will be easily damaged by wind. The shingles will fall off sooner and eventually cause problems with roof deck in regards to mold and pests.

Energy Efficiency

A low-quality roof is more likely to leak out cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. As much as 50 percent of either can escape from a bad roof and the energy wasted will cost you much more money than a higher quality roof will.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

A nice roof will last you much longer than a cheaper one will. Although a high-end roof’s upfront cost is may be off putting at first, the money you’ll save in repairs is worth it. Nice roofs are expensive for a reason. They usually have new shingles, the roof deck is treated or repaired properly, and usually some form of barrier is laid down to protect the roof from excessive rain or freezing temperatures. All of these things combined will keep your roof in top shape for many years.

So when it comes to roofs, always choose a roofing company that you trust and always opt in for a higher quality roof to avoid headaches and expensive repairs later on down the road.