How Cleaning Gutters Prolongs the Life of a Roof | Roofing Boise

Your roof is an expensive and crucial investment. With regular maintenance of clearing gutters, your roof will endure several more years and save you money by decreasing needs for repairs or replacement costs. These are the steps to inspect and care for your home’s gutters.

Why you should focus on the Gutters

The role of the gutters is to direct water from the home and prevent rotting rafters or damage to the roof sheathing. Decaying leaves and debris that accumulate in the drains clog the water collection system or create ice dams during the winter season. A gradual debris build-up results in the trapping of water and ice. Eventually, the watercourse channels and the entire roof will start to rust and break apart.

Whether you have a metal roof or a wood shingle roof, we recommend a professional roofing contractor to clean the debris in the drains twice a year. You can prolong your gutters’ lives by ensuring routine cleaning at the beginning of spring and also in fall. Our experts are trained in safety and efficiency which prevents any risk of you getting hurt trying to climb on the roof as well as saves you time.

Clean Gutters can Minimize Water Damage

  • Keep the gutters debris-free to prevent water damage on the fascia, soffit boards, and lower deck board.
  • Remove leaves in the drains at least two times a year to allow a smooth water flow away from the house during the stormy rains season. Any clogged gutters can lead to the backing-up of water and the premature aging of the roof.
  • Use roof rakes to remove the snow on the roof and water troughs to prevent ice dams that damage the roof.
  • Along with proper insulation, cleaning gutters ensures that no large icicles build up in the drains during the winter. A poorly insulated home shortens the lifespan of your house cover.

Remove Moss

Homeowners have the responsibility to ensure roof maintenance. It may even be necessary to request for a professional roof inspection every two to three years. This is helpful in discovering any necessary repairs or needed resealing of any weak spots on the gutters and flashing. The roof inspector will look for moss growth and use chemicals to stop moss build-up in gutters. Moss on the roof valleys blocks water and can make the roof age faster.

Clear the Debris on the Roof

Debris in gutters can come from compound trees, so make sure that you trim the overhanging tree branches dropping decaying leaves, seeds, pine needles, and twigs in the water troughs. Seeds that fall in the water drains can germinate and further clog the system.

Use Gutter Guards to keep the Gutters Clean

A variety of stylish gutter guards can block falling objects, dust, and leaves thus allowing water to flow unhindered all the time. Gutter guards are mesh screens that a roofing contractor installs to protect the water drainage system from debris, nesting birds, and dust.