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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a New Roof

If you’re a homeowner, the need for a new roof is bound to arise sooner or later. Many people have a list of questions when it comes to starting the process of getting a new roof. The following is a list of commonly asked questions we at Rooftops Energy Solutions hear most common from homeowners regarding getting a new roof:

1. How does the whole process get started?

Once you contact our office and inform us of your roofing goals, we will collect a few more pieces of information from you and schedule 2 rounds of appointments. The first one will be an initial roof inspection where our inspectors will take measurements and survey your roof to check for any possible other work that will need to be done. The second will consist of us coming to your home to present a few different options based on the condition of your roof and your budget.

2. When will the work start?

Once you’ve made the decision to work with us, we will put you on the schedule to begin work, which is typically 2-3 weeks from this point.

3. Can I choose a color for my roof?

Yes, once we have your roof on our schedule, we can discuss roof details and answer any other questions you may have.

4. Do the associates clean up after they’re finished?

Yes, not only do the associates clean up the debris from the roof after each day, but a Rooftops owner will conduct a magnet sweep to pick up any loose nails. Furthermore, we use tarp to protect the landscape.

5. How do I make payments?

Please contact our office to do so and we will email you a receipt for your records. At Rooftops, we look forward to taking care of all your roofing needs.

We are determined to have you 100% satisfied with our work. If you have additional questions you can always call us at: 208-576-2500. To learn more about our roofing process, you may also consider reviewing our blog, “Process of Getting a New Roof with Rooftops Energy Solutions as Your Contractor.”