Veteran Roof Giveaway

We are giving away a completely new roof to one deserving veteran in southern Idaho.

Who is this roof giveaway for?

Do you know an active U.S military member or veteran that is in need of a new roof? This giveaway is your chance to nominate them to win a new roof completely free.

Specifically, we are looking for a veteran who needs a new roof but may not be able to afford it on their own. To qualify, the home must be veteran-owned and their primary residence. This is an annual giveaway, so if the veteran you have in mind doesn’t need a new roof yet – you always have another chance to enter next year!

We encourage you to provide as much history and information about the veteran as possible because it will increase your chances of being selected.

Why do we donate a roof replacement to a veteran every year?

Rooftops Energy Solutions is owned by a U.S veteran. Everyone at the Rooftop ES™ team is incredibly grateful for those who have served. We want to help fellow veterans in anyway that we can. We are roofing experts, so we figured we could put that to good use. Which is why we choose one deserving veteran every year to receive a completely new roof. They have served us, and now we want to serve them.

Nomination Requirements

Psst… this is a SURPRISE.

Nominate your favorite veteran, but keep it a secret! The relationship you have with them doesn’t really matter. It could be a friend, family member, neighbor, or any other relation.

Please include your cell phone number and your email so that we can contact you directly. We would like the new roof to be a surprise for the veteran. However, if you are a veteran and would like to nominate yourself, that is perfectly fine also. Just put all of your own information, and we will contact you directly.

When Will the New Roof be Installed?

Once the winner is decided, we will reach out to whomever nominated them via the email or phone number they have provided to inform them they have won. From there, we will schedule a day that works for the recipient and our crew. We plan to have the new roof installed in September of 2022.

Nomination Form

Use the form below to nominate a veteran to receive a new roof. Help us out by keeping this a surprise for them! Thanks for your submission!

Thank you for your service, Veterans!