$500+ Value!

Get a free shingle upgrade with any new roof or replacement.

For a limited time, we’ll give you more premium shingles for free with any roof replacement or new roof.

How does the upgrade work?

We’ll upgrade you from Malarkey Highlander® shingles to Malarkey Vista® shingles. An average home consists of 25-30 roofing squares. This upgrade normally costs at least $20 more per square. That means you’re getting at least $500 more in value (and a better roof!)

What you get:

  • Malarkey Vista® Shingles
  • A longer-lasting roof
  • Extended warranty
  • Over $500 in savings

Benefits of Upgraded Shingles

Who wouldn’t want better quality shingles? It’s simple – you pay for the economy shingles, and we give you better ones.

How do I claim my free shingle upgrade?

Just mention this promotion! Redeeming your free shingle upgrade is as easy as mentioning it when we give you a roof inspection and estimate.