Insulation Service in Boise, Idaho

If you own a home in Boise, Idaho, then it's vital you take steps to ensure it is properly insulated so that you can maintain a comfortable temperature and reduce your energy bill. Unfortunately, most homes do not have enough insulation, and this problem allows outside air to come in and reduce the effectiveness of the heater and air conditioner.

Many people are reluctant to have Boise insulation installed because they don't want to spend their money. But you must consider that a poorly insulated home will likely cost much more to maintain because most of the heat will escape through the walls. When choosing the type of Boise insulation you want for your home, it's vital to take your climate and other environmental factors into consideration.


Types of Boise Insulation

It's important to understand the different types of insulation before you get started so that you can get the best possible results. Because Idaho does not experience extreme temperatures, heavy insulation is not required. If your home already has insulation but needs more, then cellulose is a good material to use. Cellulose insulation is inserted into the walls using special equipment. Fiberglass is another option, and although it does not offer adequate protection from extreme temperatures, it’s safe to use for residents of Idaho.

Spray foam is one of the most expensive types of insulation, and many people in Idaho opt not to use it. However, if upfront expenses are not a concern, using foam insulation is one of the most effective options when your goal is to lower your energy bill.


The view from Rooftops is different...which is why we take a different approach to Insulating your home.

Rooftops is proud to install Owens Corning insulation products. Owens Corning is the gold standard for insulation, and the industry leader in fiberglass products. If your home was built before 2006, chances are you don't have sufficient insulation in your home. R-49 is the code minimum for ceilings and attics, however most homes in the Boise area don't even have an R-20! Wait. What exactly is an R-value, you ask? Well, the "R' in R-value stands for "Resistance." And what exactly is insulation resisting? Heat! 

Our Boise Insulation resists the flow of heat through our walls, floors and ceilings. This resistance keeps the heat OUTSIDE in the summer, and keeps the heat INSIDE in the winter. Better insulation and a higher R-value makes your home more comfortable and energy efficient. If your attic R-value is below R-49 you're losing heat resistance, and losing money. The extra cost to heat or cool your home is directly related to your insulation. So, do yourself a favor and keep your money, and make your home more comfortable by upgrading your R-value insulation throughout your Boise area home.

Rooftops takes a different approach to installing insulation in Boise by including discounted install packages. When you buy Boise roofing, Boise siding, or Boise windows from Rooftops Energy Solutions, we will include insulation install for less than you would pay to hire an insulation contractor. You're not only saving money, but your energy savings will leave more money in your pocket for the future.

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Tops in Service. Tops in Selection. Tops in Satisfaction. The view is simply better up here!

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