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When Should You Remove Snow From the Roof Yourself? | Roofing Boise

In the winter, many homeowners waiver back and forth as to whether they should hire a snow removal company for the roof. Perhaps, they believe that hiring a snow removal company can be expensive and that they can remove the snow themselves for less money. However, when is it the right time to hire a professional to remove snow on a roof?

In most instances, an individual should contact a professional when removing snow from the roof.

However, if you have a small, one story house, you may be able to remove the snow yourself if you have experience.

In many instances, you can use a long snow rake to remove the snow from the roof while actually standing on the ground. Many hardware stores have snow rakes available for purchase and the price will fluctuate depending on the efficiency of the tool.

Some tools just work to slide the snow off while others reach under the snow, forcing it to fall due to gravity. If you decide to remove the snow on a roof yourself, consider asking a friend for assistance.

When removing the snow on your own, remember that you must make sure to anticipate where the snow will fall in the first place. The last thing you want is for the snow to fall on you while performing the job. Also, even if you live in a smaller house, you may want to consult a snow removal company if the roof has a large amount of snow.

If you are apprehensive in any way or have never removed snow by yourself, then always hire a company that you can trust.

If you live in a two-story home or have a roof that is difficult to navigate, then you will want to hire a professional.

Everyone should remember that climbing onto a roof and removing snow can be very dangerous, especially if you do not have any experience. It only takes one stumble and you could fall off your roof and severely injure yourself. That act can in the long run cost your more than just hiring a company that specializes in snow removal.

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