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What If I Don’t Have the Money to Buy a Whole New Roof? | Roofing Boise

Home repairs can be expensive, especially when it comes to buying a new roof. However, if you cannot afford a new roof, you do have several options. If none of the options below work for you, get a temporary roof.

Patch Your Roof

If damage to your roof isn’t severe, you may have the option of getting a patch job. Seek advice from an expert concerning whether or not a completely new roof is necessary. A patch job could be a way for you to make do until you can afford to replace the roof.

Seek Public Assistance

Go to your local housing development office to talk to someone about getting funding for your new roof. If they can’t help, try dialing 2-1-1 from your phone to search for local assistance programs. You could also try searching online for private grants and funding. Aunt Bertha is a great resource for those searching for money for basic needs like housing and food. On, type in your zip code for a list of organizations that might be able to help.

Refinance Your Home

This idea sounds intimidating, but if you are unable to pay for your new roof, refinancing might be the best option. Don’t think of it is a frivolous expense. It’s not. Getting a new roof can also add value to your home, which might help you in the long run if you ever decide to sell it.

Take Out a Loan

A roof is a necessary item that you don’t want to go without. As a last resort, apply for a loan if you have to. If you have bad credit, search online for information on loans for people like you. Shop around for the best rates.

Being unable to afford home repairs is stressful. Just remember that you have options. Look for local charities and government agencies that can help you, or as a last resort refinance your home or apply for a loan. If that doesn’t work, you can save some money by getting a temporary roof.