Understanding Your Roof

Roofs are more complicated than it would seem. It is important for home owners to have a general understanding of the different parts of their roof – or really what the different parts of a roof a called. This is important information, because it allows homeowners to feel more comfortable when roofers discuss with them what specifically needs to be fixed. Not only does it make homeowners more comfortable, but it allows homeowners to actually understand what is happening, and possibly understand the costs of a project more.

The Parts That Make Up Your Roof

The most important part of a roof, obviously, is the shingles. But what are they sitting on? The structure of a roof includes rafters and trusses. Rafters are the long pieces of lumber that come together to form the skeleton or frame of the roof – think “X” when looking at a cross section. Trusses are a newer invention, and they are basically a pre-made rafter. They’re made in a factory and delivered to the job site, which makes them more efficient (and sometimes eliminates the need for carpenters on site).

Once the frame is up, you need to put something under those shingles to keep the weather out. That’s where your roofing felt (or tar paper) comes in. It’s a water-resistant layer that goes between the shingles and the roof deck. Roofing felt is important, because if it’s not there, water will get into your home and cause all sorts of damage.

The eaves are the overhang on the sides of your roof. They extend past the rafters, and are usually covered in decorative trim (or “soffit”). The eaves serve two main purposes: they protect the edges of your roof from weather damage, and they provide an area for water to drain off the roof.

There are a lot of other parts of a roof that we could talk about, but these are the most important. By understanding these different components, homeowners can be more comfortable when discussing repairs with roofers – and they’ll have a better idea of what’s actually going on up there!

You Don’t Have to Know Everything About Roofs

You don’t have to know everything about your roof as a homeowner. It is just nice to know a little information yourself! We have a highly qualified team at Rooftop Energy Solutions that would love to explain everything to you! If you would care to know, see whats going on during a project, or have something explained to you – just let our crew know. Even during our free estimates we are more than happy to walk you through it all. We are here to support you, and make sure your family has a good roof over their heads.