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The Top Five Areas to Update in Your Home | Roofing Boise

The Top Five Areas to Update in Your Boise Home

Remodeling your home can help you save money in the long run by reducing your overall energy costs. Trying to remodel everything can be very expensive though, so the trick is to focus on the most important areas of it first. These are the roof, windows, siding, paint, and the bathroom.

The Roof

Besides protecting your home from all types of weather conditions, a solid, well-built roof is key to reducing heat loss. In the summer, it should reflect the sun’s damaging rays. And, in the winter, it should hold precious heat inside to keep you and your family warm despite the outside freezing temperatures. If you have worn, damaged shingles then it can’t do its job. Roofs are only meant to last for a certain amount of time.


An enormous amount of air leaks through old single pane windows. They also cause heat loss during the winter time. It has been proven that by just replacing your windows, you can significantly save money on your electricity and gas bills.


Good quality siding not only helps insulate but it also protects the exterior walls of a house from moisture damage, mold, and insects that can cause thousands of dollars of damage. If you currently don’t have any siding, or the siding you have is worn out, be sure to get it replaced.


Fresh paint improves a house’s overall value by refreshing its appearance. It seals cracks and crevices and has a water resistant effect too, which adds a protective barrier to the walls, doors, and trim.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the highest energy consumption areas of a home. Everyone in the house spends an enormous amount of time there. New bathroom fixtures on the market today use significantly less water than old ones do. Many have built-in energy reducing features too. Even if a home owner only replaces their old commode with a new water-saving type, they can save hundreds of dollars a year on their water bill alone.

Always be sure to have a professional do remodeling projects for you. They can do it right the first time, and give you advice on what types of products would work the best for your home.

Doing major remodeling on yourself might also negate your home owner’s insurance policy. Many insurance companies require work on homes to be done by licensed professionals.