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The Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Your roof is without a doubt one of the prominent features of your property. Besides sheltering the residents and their valuables from weather elements, it enhances the property’s aesthetic appeal and perceived market value. Therefore, it’s important for you as the owner to ensure that your roof is always attractive and in perfect conditions.

Luckily, there are many roofing contractors in Idaho whom you can hire to restore your roof.

Unfortunately, however, not all these contractors are competent and reliable. If you are not diligent, you might just end up enlisting the services of one who will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, an unsightly home and a dent in your bank account.

In order to ensure that you hire a reliable and professional roofing contractor for your property in Boise here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Experience and expertise

When shopping for a roofing contractor, make sure you only hire one who is professional and has the relevant roofing experience and know-how. They should have a professionally trained workforce specialized in handling your type of roof. Reliable roofing companies have very strict policies when it comes to hiring their workers. Therefore do not hesitate to ask the firm to show you the profiles of their employees for you to verify first-hand, their competency as well as the kind of projects they have handled in the past.


The perfect way to determine whether a roofing company is professional and reliable is to ask for a copy of their state operating license. The worst thing you can do for your property is to allow an unlicensed roofing contractor to operate on it. In Boise, before a roofing contractor receives an operating license, he or she must have a certificate of competency from a nationally recognized training institution. Moreover, the technician must have at least one year’s work experience. Hence, if the roofing contractor does not have a license, it simply means he or she is not qualified to operate as one.


Before hiring a roofing technician, it is important to ascertain whether he or she has certification from the roofing manufacturer to handle their roof. Roof manufacturers nowadays are very particular about who can and should repair or install their products. For instance, before a contractor gets certified, he or she must have adequate and relevant insurance cover, excellent customer feedback, years worth of roofing experience, as well as distinct sets of skills.

Well insured

Even if you hire an expert who will be extra cautious when handling the roofing repairs or installations, mishaps can still happen, resulting in injury or damage to property. It is, therefore, extremely critical that you verify from the contractor whether he or she has liability and worker’s compensation insurance cover. Furthermore, make sure to inquire who the insurance firm is and look them up to ascertain whether or not they honor claims.

You could directly ask the roofing contractor for a copy of their insurance certificate, from which you should get the brokerage firm’s contact details. If a roofing contractor does not have insurance cover, the insurance cover is shifty, or if the brokerage firm has a negative reputation when it comes to honoring claims, stay away from that roofing contractor.

Their reputation

When hiring roofing technicians for your rental property, always take the time to find out about their character. If you don’t know where to start from, type the name of the contractor on a search engine. You will get some helpful insights. You should also go over the customer reviews and ratings on their websites and social media platforms to learn what other people think about your contractor and his or her roofing services. Lastly, you should ask the contractor to provide names of current or previous Boise, Idaho clients who can vouch for the professional’s competency.

Free estimates and written quotation

Find out from the company if they are willing to provide free written estimates of the cost of carrying out a particular roofing task, be it installation or repair. While the importance of a free estimate is evident, you need to document it in writing to prevent ‘unexplainable’ costs from arising once the roof restoration works begin. 

If you follow these tips you should have no problem finding a reliable roofing contractor for you home!