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Most people never really give much thought to their windows. Odds are you have never even thought of the type of windows that you have in your home or business. But the type of windows you have can make a huge difference.

What’s the difference?

Traditional single pane windows are poor insulators that can leave rooms overly hot or overly cold. Modern double pane windows on the other hand, keep the hot temperatures out in the summer and the cold temperatures out in the winter. In fact there are a host of reasons to insulate your home or business with double pane windows.

Double pane windows lower energy costs. In a double paned window there are two parallel panes of glass that are set into the window frame separated by a small space. The space is filled with air on the lower rated windows and by a safe, inert gas in the higher rated ones. This space and the gas between it separates and insulates the inside of your home or business from the temperatures outside. By lessening the amount of heat gain or loss from outside conditions, double pane windows increase the comfort level inside.

No more overly hot rooms that get too much sunlight or overly chilly, drafty, damp rooms from having thin, single paned windows. Having more efficient windows will increase the overall comfort of your home or business. Noise reduction is another benefit from having double paned windows. They not only insulate against temperature extremes, but significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution from busy road ways, noisy neighbors or construction sounds outside. UV coatings are available for double pane windows too.

Although not recommended for colder climates where solar heat has its benefits, a UV coating in hotter climates reduces the need for air conditioner usage and reduces the fading of furnishings, curtains, and carpets from sun damage. Homes and businesses with double pane windows see a substantial cost savings in their heating and cooling bills as well. Even low end double pane windows can reduce energy consumption by 24% in cold climates and 18% in hot climates. But high end models can see a savings of 30% to 50% percent per year. In a few years the savings from having double pane windows installed more than covers the cost of installation.

Overall, with the savings, the comfort and value of double pane windows there really is no reason not to install them. They’ll reduce your heating and cooling bills and make your home or business comfortable all throughout the year. 

We are excited to provide the highest quality double pane windows.  Give us a call for a free estimate and find out how you can change your energy bills immediatly!