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Spring Time Roof Inspections | Roofing Boise

When the ice thaws and the snow melts, it’s a good idea to have a professional roofer come to your home and inspect your roof for damage. Whether you have metal sheet roofing or shingles, damage can sometimes be inevitable with harsh winters.

Ice, snow and freezing wind can be the ruin of any good roof, but a proper inspection will alert you of any issues so they can be rectified quickly to prevent further damage.

What Inspectors Look for and What’s Common with Spring Roof Inspections

If you have a shingle roof, the inspector will check to see if any shingles have been blown away or have been damaged from snow and ice. For metal sheet roofing, a professional will inspect to ensure signs of rust are not present and, if they are, that the rust has not begun to eat through the metal. Roofing professionals examine every aspect of your home’s apex, which means they will also check for mold, chimney and pipe damage and clogged gutters.

The inspector will use their time to examine your roof and tell you of any damage that is present. It’s important to have a professional do this project for you because checking your own roof can be dangerous, especially if ice is still present. Along with providing a customized inspection, the expert can repair the damage for you and get your roof in tip-top shape.

When You Forget Your Roof

It’s easy to forget the roof when spring has sprung because it is a part of the house that you don’t necessarily see all the time. Unfortunately, when a roof is not inspected often and begins to develop weather-related damage, you’ll experience leaks and structural problems.

This compromises the value of your home and makes it less appealing to potential buyers if you ever list your house on the market. In fact, a faulty un-inspected roof can reduce your home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars.

Having an annual roof inspection is a good habit to get into.  Catching small issues before they become big issues will not only save you money but also the peace of mind that you roof will always been in working order.