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Solar Tubes can Make you Money!

Don’t miss out on the benefits of solar power just because solar panels are not a good fit for your home. Add natural light to dim rooms with the simplicity of solar tubes that are inexpensive and easy to install. The money saved in electrical power will put money in your pocket.

What are Solar Tubes?

Solar tubes mimic flat ceiling lights that are powered by the sun. A seamless steel tube is placed between the ceiling fixture and the roof of your home that collect and deliver powerful energy from the sun. New technology provides control over how much light is allowed into the area.

What are the Benefits?

By adding natural light into a room, A/C costs are reduced, artificial light is limited and electric bills are decreased dramatically. Rooms feel more comfortable and the light will add brilliance and clarity to furnishings.

Is Installation Difficult?

Professional installation usually takes 2 hours or less and the design of the solar tube protects the roof and ceiling from any costly leaks. Shingle, tile, slate or metal roofs can easily be cut and adapted for solar lighting.

Best Conditions for Solar Tubes

Placing solar tubes in one story houses is ideal, but tubing is designed to run as long as 50 feet and horizontally, according to where the light is desired. They never compromise the beams by bypassing these areas.

Cost and Warranty

The price of solar tubes can run under $500, depending on your placement needs. Add ons, like ventilation systems for laundry rooms run extra. Almost all solar tubes come with a warranty against material defects and installation companies further guarantee their work. Always receive a copy of the warranty and enjoy the maintenance-free room addition.

Most homeowners do not realize the amount of money that is required to operate indoor lighting. Easy natural light is totally free and easily accessible with the innovation of solar tubes.

If you have always wondered how solar energy savings could have an impact on your light bill, solar tubes are the perfect way to discover the benefits. Schedule your FREE ESTIMATE or installation today and start putting back the savings from energy waste!

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