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So, Your Boise Home Won’t Stay Cool? | Windows Boise

If your Boise, Idaho home is hard to cool off this summer, it might not be the air conditioner’s fault. There are several common reasons why an AC can’t keep up with the heat even if it is the right size for the home and working properly. These include problems with the attic, doors and windows.

Here are the top five ways to make your home in Boise cooler that don’t involve the air conditioning. They will begin to reduce energy use and cut your utility bills the very first day when done properly, and the best way to ensure that is to hire a professional to do the work.

Properly Ventilate You Boise Attic

Heat radiates through the roof, and if there are no vents in the attic, temperatures will rise to 130 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Installing ridge vents, gable vents and soffit vents along with an attic ventilation fan can remove much of that excess heat and keep your home more comfortable in Boise’s hot, sunny climate.

Add Insulation to You Boise Attic

When an attic is poorly insulated, summer heat pushes down into the living space to create uncomfortable conditions, and sometimes, the AC simply can’t keep up with the demand for cooler air. According to the US Department of Energy, Boise is in one of the zones requiring the most insulation. Adding a layer of batt insulation or several inches of blown-in insulation can help keep heat from penetrating through the ceiling.

Caulk Doors and Window

As a home settles and ages, the caulk around doors and windows becomes loose and may fall out entirely. This creates gaps that allow warm air into your home in the summer along with the escape of cool, air-conditioned air. Check for loose caulk, and remove it when you find it. Fill the gaps with fresh caulk to help your home stay cool.

Install Door and Window Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is another product that will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient too. Applying self-adhering weather stripping to doors and windows that have a loose fit will close the air gap. It’s a cheap way to assist your air conditioning

Replace Old Windows

Windows are the number-one cause of energy loss in both summer and winter. While new windows are costly, they will produce a significant and immediate reduction in energy use. They’ll make your home cooler. Ask your window installer about Energy Star glass packages designed for homes in Boise, ID and similar climates.

Trust your Home to a Pro

You’ll get the best return on your investment in your home when these solutions are handled by an experienced professional. Talk to a home maintenance expert today about a home weatherization quote, and your Boise home can be cooler tomorrow!

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