Replacing Your Roof | Roofing Boise

Though some people believe they are handy enough to replace their own roof when the time comes, it’s always a better idea to allow a professional roofer to do so. The first thing to do is call the roofer to come and inspect the roof to see what needs to be done besides replacing shingles. Sometimes the vent stacks or the chimney need to be repaired or even replaced. There might be cracks in the flashing around the chimney or vents or in the valleys, and the wood beneath the shingles may be rotted.


Some roofing contractors inspect the roof from the ground by walking around the house, but others climb up on the roof and have a closer look.
After the inspection, the roofer gives the homeowner an estimate. They should also show the homeowner any licenses and insurances that they have. Some will give the homeowner samples of the types of shingles that their company provides. Depending on the size of the roof, the job may take a day or two. In most cases, the homeowner and their family can stay in the house while the roof is being replaced.

Removing Old Shingles and Sheathing

On the day of the job, the roofer and his crew place tarps over the foundation planting by the house to protect them. Then, they remove the shingles and the sheathing and toss them into a dumpster they have parked beside the house. They start at the ridge line and work down. As they work, they repair and replace rotted roof boards and wood.

Laying Down Roofing Felt

When the old shingles and sheathing are gone, tar paper or roofing felt are installed. This material guards against moisture. Unlike removing the shingles and old sheathing, the work begins at the bottom of the roof and moves upward.

Adding the Flashing

New metal flashing is added to the valleys and around the vents and chimneys.

Installing New Shingles and Ridge Caps

This job also begins at the bottom of the roof with a starter course and moves upward. Finally, the roofer adds ridge caps to the ridge line.

The contractor then cleans up the area and removes the dumpster.