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Process of Getting a New Roof with Rooftops ES as Your Contractor

Rooftops Energy Solutions is determined to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We’ve developed a 10-step system to provide superior customer service from the first meeting to the last hand shake. The following information describes the steps you can expect when obtaining a new roof with Rooftops Energy Solutions.

1. Understanding your Roofing Goals

Rooftops customers are given top-priority with small-town friendly service. Our administrative manager, Brandy will answer the phone and guide you through our intake process. She will request information to answer various questions including: your name, address and project goals. Next, she will work with you to schedule two appointments.

2. Initial Roof Inspection – 1st Appointment

Homeowners do not have to be present for this first appointment. Rooftops’ inspectors will visit to perform a free audit to help:

  • Take more accurate measurements than what can be provided by satellite
  • Look for plywood that needs to be replaced in case it is not sturdy enough for shingles or the customer’s chosen roofing material
  • Inspect wall flashings and skylight flashings
  • Determine if there are multiple layers
  • Decide if the roof can withstand the customer’s repair goals
  • Assess any issues that may cost “extra” in the tear-off process

3. Roofing Proposal Review – 2nd Appointment

With the information gathered from your intake goals and the inspection appointment, Rooftops will create a custom roofing proposal. Jake or Ken will come to your home and go over our company goals, the results from our roofing inspection, and a proposal. Typically, our Rooftops’ proposals provide options categorized as: “good,” “better,” “best,” and “top package” to provide options personalized to your budget.

4. Customer Education

Rooftops believes in customer education and will thoroughly review all roofing materials on your bid as well as answer any questions you might have from independent research. Rooftops will discuss the appropriate insurance a roofing contractor needs and why that is so important to you as a home owner. We also impart knowledge about what to look for when choosing a roofing contractor.

5. Scheduling Your Project

Hooray, you’ve chosen Rooftops Energy Solutions as your new roofing contractor! At this point, we will add you to the schedule which is typically about two to three weeks out. However, if there is an urgent need, we can make accommodations.

6. Colors and Questions – 3rd Appointment

An additional appointment is given to go over the colors and any additional questions that have surfaced. These appointments can be done in our office or at the your home. Since we have now earned your trust and it’s clear we want what is best for your home, feel free to ask as many questions as necessary about the roofing materials and what options to choose.

7. Tear-Off Phase

During their re-roof process one of Rooftops’ owners will watch over the process to assure quality and safety. Initially, we begin with the tear-off which can take 1-4 days depending on the size of the roof. Tarps will be laid to cover landscape and anything else you request to keep safe. At the end of each day, a Rooftops tear-off associates will pick up nails and trash. Additionally, a Rooftops owner will come by to perform a magnet sweep. You will also receive a daily coordination call from Brandy to discuss the day’s progress and the schedule for completion.

8. Installation of Shingles Phase

Once tear-off is complete, your roof will be loaded with shingles by one of our suppliers. During this phase, our installers will handle the workload. Each installer is certified under Malarkey Roofing Products and Certainteed Products. They will install the shingles, roof to wall flashing, and your chosen ventilation system.

9. Final inspection

After a roof installation, photos are taken of the final product. Brandy will email these to you. Additionally, a final walk-through appointment is scheduled where the sales representative you’ve been working with, Jake or Ken, will complete a final quality inspection to assure the following:

  • Nails have been caulked
  • Gutters have been clean
  • Shingles have been appropriately placed in roof valleys
  • Nothing appears out of the ordinary

We rarely find issues that require a follow-up but when we do, we won’t ask for payment until the roof has reached complete satisfaction by you and has met our high standards.

10. Payment and Warranty Information

After the roof has been completed, and payment has been received, Brandy will email you your warranty information and we will “thank you” for choosing Rooftops!