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Painting the Exterior of Your Home Before Fall | Roofing Boise

Summer seems like the ideal time to get the exterior of your home in shape. Since it’s also the season for spending time with family and entertaining friends outdoors, some tasks get put off. If your home still needs painting, find out why it’s important to get the job professionally done before colder weather sets in.

Paint and the Right Temperatures

While paint quality has improved over the years, suppliers and manufacturers suggest a minimum temperature when applying it. This static number depends on the type of paint, but paint should not suffer exposure to temperatures lower than 40 degrees.

However, temperature fluctuations play a role as well. Paint doesn’t react favorably when the climate is extremely hot during the day and drops suddenly at night, even when the lower temperature falls above the recommended 40 degrees.

Moisture Affects the Painting Process

Paint should not be applied to a wet or damp surface. Even if the exterior doesn’t feel wet, there could be moisture. This especially applies when the home’s exterior has porous surfaces such as masonry and bare wood. Moisture lingers after a hard day of rain. It also develops from dew that appeared overnight or early in the morning, regardless of balmy temperatures. Remember that conditions also need to be moisture-free during the paint’s drying process.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

Even if your home has only one story, you will still need to climb a ladder to paint it properly. This means a risk of falling exists. Other hazards include obtrusive tree branches and electrical equipment. Additionally, you have to purchase supplies and tools. Professional house painters have experience, specialized safety equipment and suitable tools. They’re also used to working outdoors.

Summer does not last forever and before you know it, colder weather comes knocking on the door. Since getting a house painted during optimal temperatures is important, hiring professionals brings the best results. They know the climate requirements and can get the job completed in time while using safety precautions.