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Is Your Roof In Danger, Boise? | Roofing Boise

Storms can wreak havoc on homes, and roofs can sustain a substantial amount of damage. Recent storms in Boise, Idaho have caused considerable damage. Heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures have left homeowners with financial issues in the Treasure Valley.

Icicles and ice dams

One result that causes damage to roofs is icicles which occur after a heavy snowfall. Warm air comes up from the attic and melts the snow. The water runs down to the edging and when temperatures drop, the water freezes forming icicles. Water that melts and adds to the wall causes ice dams. These can cause serious damage to the roof and the inside of the home.

Types of damage

A roof can sustain damage to the shingles. Water that leaks inside can cause mold damage. Insulation can become damaged, as well, costing the homeowner money.

Typically, homes that were built in the 1990’s and before are more susceptible to damage. The homes that were built after this period tend to have better insulation.

Safety measures

You should never climb onto a roof to access the damage after a storm. This can be dangerous for you and cause serious harm. You can also cause more damage to your roof if you don’t know the proper way to handle the situation. It is best to call a professional to come and inspect the roof.

You should never stand on the ground and attempt to break the icicles. First, these could harm you. Second, you can again cause more damage to your home.

Make sure that your attic ventilation is not blocking your roof ventilation first. Afterward, call a professional and let them inspect to see what type of damage is done. This should be done as soon as possible so as not to allow more damage to occur.

Give us a call

If you are in the Boise area and need a professional to check for damage to your roof, give us a call. We will come out, inspect the roof and advise you of what your best options are.  Estimates are always free!