How To Submit a Roofing Warranty Claim | Roofing Boise

Here are some tips for what to do and not do when submitting a roofing warranty claim.

What to do

The first thing is to cover any open areas to avoid more damage. Take photos showing this to provide to the insurance company. Before submitting a claim, make sure that you locate a copy of the warranty and a copy of the contractor’s invoice. If you bought the home after the roof was applied, you’ll need to ensure the warranty was properly transferred to you.

You should make sure that you document everything thoroughly, and keep it in a safe place with the warranty and invoice. You should keep copies of:

  • Guarantee on roofer’s work
  • Original estimate
  • Warranty on roofing materials
  • Signed roofing agreement

A claim will most likely only be successful if you have accurate records.

You want to make sure that you contact a reputable contractor and the insurance company as soon after the damage is done as possible. Go over all your paperwork and know what your policy covers before you contact them.

What not to do

Don’t feel pushed to use a contractor that the insurance company suggests. They may be working together and providing minimal work for the same amount from you. Contractors will also come in droves when a town has suffered damage. Don’t accept the first one that comes along.

When the insurance company makes an initial offer, don’t accept it until you are sure it will cover the damage and improvements you have made to the home. Don’t begin the work until the adjuster has seen the damage, and don’t lie to them to try and get old damage repaired.

Never file a claim if the damage is less than or just a bit more than your deductible. Filing more claims can cause you to lose insurance or your rates to go up considerably.


If you follow these tips, you and your home should be back in top shape soon and without breaking your bank.

If you’re still feeling uneasy or have questions regarding your roofing warranty claim, please feel free to give us a call. View our contact information.