How Much is a New Roof In Idaho

Getting a new roof in Idaho should not be anymore expensive than elsewhere. Roofing pricing works off of square feet, so first off you will need to know how many square feet your house is. This is because the roofing company needs to figure out how much material they will need since this will affect the cost of your roof replacement.

On average a roof replacement costs $12,000-15,000. This will also depend on the size of your home, the material you want your roof to be out of, and the company that you use. Reminder: a company being cheaper does not mean they are better. You always want to make sure that they are doing a quality job.

We understand that getting a new roof is a large expense, but with that being said your roof should last you a long time. That means this should not be a cost you have to deal with frequently. You may have to get some damaged shingles replaced over the years, but you will not have to get a complete new roof often.

How Long Do Roofs Last In Idaho

Roofs in Idaho typically last 20-25 years. This is based off asphalt shingles, and that the crew who installed your roof knew what they were doing. In some cases homes in Idaho have roofs that are 30 years old, and are perfectly fine. However, you will not see roofs that are 50 years old, if your roof is that old you should immediately have someone come out and look at it.

Luckily for those in the treasure valley and most areas of Idaho, we do not get severe storms. This is a good thing for your roof because you will not be having severe roof damage. Although we do get cold weather, we do not often get a lot of snow. This is a good thing because snow is heavy on your roof, and will shorten its lifespan.

Most likely in Idaho you are going to have an asphalt roof instead of a metal roof because it will keep the heat in better. There are many types of roofs, however, the most common residential roof is an asphalt roof and they have a decent life span. So that’s a plus too!

What Are the Signs My Roof Has a Problem

There are some things to keep your eye out for when thinking your roof may have a problem. Some of the signs may be water stains on your ceiling. This can be an indication of a leaky roof causing water damage. If your roof leaks you should get a roofing contractor out to your house immediately to inspect it.

Roof maintenance has the ability to avoid roof repairs down the road. Roof maintenance would include having a roof inspector come out to your home and take a quick look around to make sure that nothing has knocked loose or is leaving your home exposed. Doing roof maintenance will always save you in your roof costs down the road.

Can I Replace My Roof In the Winter In Idaho

Yes, you can. Although it may be a better idea to replace your roof in the dryer months, you can still replace your roof in the winter. The only requirement for replacing a roof is dry weather. So, if the weather forecast looks clear then you can go ahead with your roof replacement.

Something to keep in mind is that the crew may have to stop for a couple days to allow a storm to pass. They will cover your home up so you do not get any water damage, but you will not have your roof to help you keep the heat in during winter.