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How Bad is Your Roof? | Roofing Boise

People often ignore the importance of maintaining their roof. New Roofs normally last between 20 and 25 years, but they can go bad much sooner, so the condition of your roof cannot always be determined by age The top reasons roofs go bad before their life expectancy include inexperienced contractors, weather damage, and cheap materials.

A roof that is in poor condition can not only lower the value of your home, but it can also be dangerous and present a fire hazard. Thus, the importance of ensuring your roof is in great condition cannot be overstated. A properly installed and well-maintained roof will protect the value of your home and prevent unnecessary safety issues.

Weather Damage

Normally, weather is not a threat to your roof. A properly installed roof will be able to sustain heavy rain and moderate winds. However, large hail and powerful gusts of wind can be damaging and destructive to your roof. Powerful wind can damage or remove shingles. When this happens, water will get under the shingles and begin leaking into your house. If you don’t replace damaged shingles, the rest of the roof will likely deteriorate. It will be much easier for the remaining shingles to become damaged or fall off. Therefore, it is important to replace broken or damaged shingles as soon as you notice them.

Inexperienced Contractors

A roof must be installed with accuracy and precision. Each shingle must be properly lined up, and the bottom and sides of the roof must be properly sealed. If any mistakes are made, the roof will not last as long as it should. A single mistake could be destructive to the entire roof. Therefore, inexperienced contractors are often the cause of roof damage. Without proper experience, it’s easy to misalign the shingles or fail to properly seal the sides of the roof, which increases the likelihood of a leak. When this happens, your roof will not likely last until its standard life expectancy.

Cheap Material

Considering the importance of your roof, cheap materials should never be considered. While these materials might cost less up front, they will cost more over time. They are easily damaged and have a much lower life expectancy. They are not as durable as high-quality materials. It’s also important to consider how cheap materials will affect the value of your home. On the other hand, high-quality materials will last much longer than their cheap counterparts. High-quality materials will provide better protection from the rain and wind. They also require fewer repairs. Therefore, when having a roof installed, always opt for quality.

The Dangers of A Damaged Roof

Leaks are a common threat associated with damaged roofs. But there are far greater concerns. As water leaks through the roof, it can damage the ceiling, the walls, and your furniture. The moisture can build up can create problems will mold, which can create a health risk. But most importantly, the water that leaks through could cause electrical wiring to short out and create a fire hazard. To prevent these risk, it is vital to hire a professional, experienced contractor. Your safety and your families safety is simply not worth the risk. A professional contractor will use high-quality materials, install the roof properly, and verify you are satisfied with their service.