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DIY Roof Replacement Vs. Professional Roofing Replacement

DIY Roof Replacement or Not?

Today many people know a lot about roofing. Our customers in Boise sometimes wonder whether or not DIY roof replacement represents a smart alternative to seeking the services of a skilled, experienced roofing contractor. We’d like to discuss the pros and cons of this issue:

Some DIY Roofing Pros…Sort of

  • Arduous physical activity holds value.
  • Constructing your own roof means you’ll know every inch of it.
  • Building a sound roof brings a sense of accomplishment.
  • Last but not least, DIY roofing may result in reduced labor costs.

The Cons of DIY Roofing

  • Not everyone possesses the training, experience, physical agility and strength required to construct a roof successfully.
  • Building a roof requires an investment in some tools and equipment.
  • Today, many roofing systems involve complex engineering; roofers must possess knowledge about the best type of roofing materials for a structure. Mistakes in installing air vent systems, flashing, skylights, and gutters prove exceedingly costly over the course of time.
  • While licensed roofers maintain liability and health insurance geared towards roofing accidents, a homeowner may lack sufficient coverage to undertake DIY roofing safely. Consider that a single roofing accident may cause you (or someone else) significant injuries and liability expenses.
  • Some insurance policies may not cover DIY roof replacements.
  • DIY roofers usually do not purchase roofing supplies in the same high volumes as full-time roofing contractors. As a result, they’ll likely pay higher prices for some materials.
  • Repairing unsuccessful DIY roofing projects may require significant expenditures.

Your Decision

For a variety of reasons, we believe the negatives of DIY roofing vastly outweigh the benefits. Many DIY projects offer rewards. Yet roofing mistakes or accidents also impose unreasonable risks!