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Boise Home Issues | Roofing Boise

If you’re thinking of purchasing a home in Boise, Idaho, there are a few things you should consider. Of course, you’ll check out the interior and the exterior and have an inspector to check things out even more thoroughly. Don’t be surprised if he comes back with issues on the exterior of the home you hadn’t noticed.

Rotted wood

Wood on the exterior of homes in Boise tends to get wet and in certain places, remain that way for a while. Roof eaves, decks and exterior trim all tend to hold moisture longer than other parts. This can cause dry rot which is a type of fungus that grows from excessive prolonged moisture. Rotted wood can cost a great deal if left unnoticed.

Water and drainage

The most common problem with Boise, Idaho homes are the drainage systems and grade of land. This causes water to run off into the basement or crawlspace which can cause issues like flooding or mold.

Another issue that can cause water to run into the basement or crawlspace is the amount of water in the land. Excessive amounts are common in some areas and will cause serious problems if not taken care of.

These issues can be easily remedied by re-grading the land. You can also add sub-surface drains or roof gutters. This will detour the water away from the home keeping it mold and flood free.

Roofing defects

There seems to be a common problem with roofing material in Boise. Whether this is due to aging or improper installation, many homes are found to have issues. Most of the roofs will need some type of repair.

Building violations

Last but certainly not least, if you are planning to purchase a home that has an addition, check to ensure this was done with proper permits. People build without those permits, and this could leave you responsible if you purchase the home.