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5 Things To Get Your Home Ready For Fall | Roofing Boise

Fall is fast approaching, and that means you need to get your house ready. The exterior of your home can take a beating if you do not prepare it for the ravages of the fall and winter weather. Here is a look at five things you should do to get your home ready for fall.

1. Inspect Your Roof

The last thing you want is an autumn rainstorm to cause water damage inside your home. To prevent this, you should thoroughly inspect your roof before fall gets here. Check for damage or missing shingles, and inspect the vents and chimney if you have one.

2. Clean Your Gutters

All the water from fall rains needs to go somewhere, and that makes it crucial that you clean your gutters out before autumn arrives. Not only do clean gutters allow proper drainage, but it also prevents critters from making a home in your gutters.

3. Check Your Weather Stripping

With the influx of cold air that is coming, you need to make sure that the weather stripping around your windows is in good shape. Weather stripping will wear out every few years, which means you need to replace it if you can feel any cool air getting in around your windows.

4. Turn Off Outside Faucets

An important thing to remember is to shut off all of your outside faucets each fall. Make sure that you thoroughly drain them as well. If you do not do this, it could lead to burst pipes, damaged faucets and an expensive repair job.

5. Get Your Lawn Ready for Cold Weather

While you are prepping your home for winter, make sure to give the lawn some attention as well. It is a good idea to aerate your lawn so that it has plenty of oxygen for new growth when it emerges from its winter slumber next spring. It is also the time to fertilize the lawn so that it will be primed and ready to go next year.