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5 Things To Check On Your Roof TODAY! | Roofing Boise | Boise Roofing

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There are plenty of preventative maintenance recommendations for your Boise home, but few are as important as a roof inspection. This should be conducted once or twice a year depending on where you live and how harsh the weather is. There are many fixes that you can complete by yourself,

but if you are unfamiliar with the required repairs or squeamish about climbing up high, call a roofing professional. They will inform you of what maintenance needs to be completed as well as provide a free estimate for the cost of repairs. As spring and summer quickly arrive, pay special attention to these five things that need to be checked on your roof.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are often a warning sign of more extensive damage that may be hidden beneath. This is something that can be easily detected and must be taken care of right away. If you ignore the warnings, subsequent extensive damage may occur. Missing shingles expose your roof, allowing for rain to trickle into the interior of your home. An experienced roofer will also be able to detect other leaks within your home that may be caused by water saturating the underlayment of your roof.

Cracked Vents

If your roof was installed with plastic vents, over time they are highly susceptible to cracking or warping due to exposure to elements. When this occurs, water can leak into your attic and damage the interior of your home. Unfortunately, most do not notice that there is a problem with a cracked vent until water marks are visible on the ceiling of their home. A home inspector will be able to identify any and all cracked vents.

Gutter Issues

Maintaining your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to prevent water from damaging your home. The primary purpose of gutters is to channel water away from the foundation, which is the key to your home’s structural integrity. For them to work properly, they must be maintained and be clear of clogs, holes, sags, and other debris. Fortunately, gutter problems are generally easy for homeowners to fix and are a relatively inexpensive repair if caught early.

Moss or Algae

Algae is frequently mistaken for mold of mildew on roofs, but that black discoloration or streaks that are highly noticeable are actually algae. This forms where moisture pools on the roof’s surface. Areas that are humid or near bodies of water have the highest likelihood for algae formation. Similarly, moss grows in dark, damp areas and can cause lifting in shingles. There are a variety of methods that can take care of this problem, but a professional can ensure that all areas have been thoroughly checked.


Debris on your Boise roof can not only be destructive, but dangerous. If you find debris on your roof, it is best to leave its removal to professionals. There are a number of ways that debris can be removed depending on the type of debris and whether portions of your roof will need to be taken apart in order to successfully rid of it. The primary goal of removing debris from your roof is to prevent it from impeding the flow of water, which may cause potential pooling.

The best part of hiring a Boise roofing professional is the piece of mind you will receive knowing that the issues were taken care of correctly!  We can’t stress enough the imporance of damage control.  

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to inspect the damage winter and age has done to your roof.