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3 Reasons Your Home Won’t Stay Warm

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A home should keep you warm, but that may not always be the case. There could be several factors that might make it hard for a house to stay warm, and it is important for you to get to the bottom of those issues. Keep in mind that cold temperatures can affect the body in negative ways, like dry skin or lowered immunity due to sluggish blood circulation. The following are three possible reasons for this heating issue.

1. Old Non-Energy Efficient Windows

It is possible that a home will not stay warm because the air is escaping from the windows. There could be a number of issues affecting your window’s ability to keep warm air inside like inefficient window seals, but it is likely that the windows are just old non-energy efficient windows.
One tool that can help you figure out if air is escaping through the windows is your smartphone thermal imaging app and a thermal camera attachment. This should help you find out if the problem is your windows.

2. Insulation Issues

Another common problem that some homes have that could affect its ability to keep a house toasty is improper insulation. You can find out if you have this problem by looking for the right signs. One specific sign of an insulation problem is changing temperatures. See how the temperature feels downstairs versus how it feels in the attic. There should not be a significant difference. Inexplicable drafts could be signaling this issue.

3. Leak in the Roof

The third reason why a home might fail to stay warm could be due to a leak. It is often overlooked because it is not something that can be easily found out in the house. One thing that you can do is go outside, and stand far away from the house so that you can see part of the roof. What you are looking for is cracks or imperfections, which could be hiding leaks. Be sure to talk to a professional because roof work can be dangerous.

Hopefully, these tips help you stay warm this winter.